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March 2, 2008

My SD West Schedule

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I think one of the hardest parts about attending a conference such as this one, is trying to decide which talks to attend. There are some time slots where I was torn between two or even three talks, but I can’t attend them all, so here is my list:


To Catch a bug, You Have to Think Like a Bug – Robert Evans

Patterns of Refactoring – Joshua Kerievsky (or Test Driven Developement – Rob Meyers)

Beautiful Code -Keynote address – Michael Feathers, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Alberto Savoia, Chris Seiwald


Dealing with NonFunctional Requirements as the Hero, not the Witch – Andre Gous

Practical Advanced Threat Modeling – John Steven


Clean Code: Ruby – Robert C. Martin

Behaviour-Driven Database Design – Scott Ambler

Paradox of Choice: Design Principles for Goal-Oriented Data-Driven System – Todd Zaki Warfel

Prefactoring – Ken Pugh (Or What Makes a Design Seem Intuitive – Jared Spool)


Pattern Connections -Kevlin Henney

Design Patterns in the Real World – Allen Holub

The Business Value of Pair Programming – Rob Meyers

The Science of a Great UI – Mark Miller


GUI Bloopers: Avoiding Common UI Design Mistakes – Jeff Johnson

Emergent Design: Design Patterns and Test Driven Development – Allen Shalloway (Or Scaling Habits of ASP.NET)

Dances with Robots – Keynote – James McLurkin of MIT

Polyglot and Poly-Paradigm Programming – Dean Wampler (This talk looks very interesting…)

Data Controls in ASP.NET 3.5 – Paul Sheriff

This will be a lot of fun!


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