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January 13, 2013

SVN Support for Visual Studio with AnkhSVN

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I have worked with editors such as IntelliJ, PyCharm, and Xcode over the years, so I am very used to having SVN or Git support built into my IDE. When I started working on a .NET project last summer, all of the development was with C# in Visual Studio, but with no SVN plugin. This is a big annoyance, especially when performing common tasks like moving or renaming a file. Of course, at the very least, it forces you to make small commits and commit often (haha).

There is a pay product available for SVN support for Visual Studio called VisualSVN, but of course that would require getting purchasing approval, etc. In the past we had tried the open source alternative called AnkhSVN, but it performed poorly. However, when I moved back to doing .NET development I tried the most recent version of AnhkSVN (version 2.4 at the time of this post) and I have been very pleased. I have used the plugin for some very large projects for the last few months and have not run into a single issue. Now I have been slowly converting my co-workers one by one over to using AnhkSVN.

So to try it out for yourself, here is all you need to do:

  1. Download AnkhSVN
  2. Run the msi installer.
  3. Activate the plugin:
    1. Open Visual Studio
    2. Tools -> Options
    3. Source Control -> Plugin Selection
    4. Select AnkhSVN from the drop down menu and click “OK”

That is all. You will now have all the usual SVN support, but inside Visual Studio.


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